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On Board Careers

At Thenamaris we are devoted to attracting and retaining top talent, and to creating a working environment that encourages employees to build their career with us and to grow and develop over the years. As a result, an officer retention rate of more than 95% is achieved at a fleet level.

Overall, 2,100 seafarers work on board the vessels managed by Thenamaris at any given point in time, while the company marine personnel pool includes more than 3,600 seafarers. The crew comprises mainly of Greek, Bulgarian, Filipino, Ukrainian, Croatian, Ethiopian, Polish and Russian seafarers. Their professionalism, sound judgment, self-discipline and dedication ensure the prompt and safe transportation and delivery of cargoes, as well as the efficient and safe use of our principals’ vessels. The protection and well-being of the crew, the ship, the cargo and the marine environment are major considerations for all working on board.

Training and supporting our on board personnel

New recruits are carefully selected and, along with experienced crew members, undergo an extensive and continuous training program, both ashore and on board. Prior to embarkation seafarers receive a detailed briefing on technical, operational, crew-related, and safety and quality-related matters. Crew recruitment, training and scheduling are supported by a dedicated marine personnel team in our head office in Athens, as well as by Thenamaris Philippines Inc. in the Philippines, Thalatta Shipping and Marine Services Limited in Bulgaria, Eurocrew in Ukraine, PASAT in Croatia and EMA in Germany/Ethiopia.

Our people ashore support the seafarers serving on board the vessels managed by Thenamaris around the clock and ensure a friendly, cooperative relationship; doing so helps facilitate seamless communication and excellent collaboration between sea and shore.

Join our talent pool

If you wish to join our pool of capable seafarers, click on the button and login or create an account to apply for the position of your interest.

Recruitment Offices

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Thenamaris stands for quality in global shipping – managing a world-class fleet of ocean-going vessels. To meet our high performance standards we seek competent officers and crew to add their energy and expertise to our over 51 years’ experience.

Seamen serving on board vessels managed by Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc. are recruited out of the following six locations:


Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.

16 Athinas Street, Vouliagmeni
16671, Athens Greece

Thenamaris Philippines

Thenamaris Philippines Inc.

Marbella II Building, 3rd Floor
2071 Roxas Blvd, Malate,
1004, Manila, Philippines

Thalatta Shipping

Thalatta Shipping & Marine Services Ltd.

45 Aleksandar Dyakovich Street,
5th Floor Office 31,
9000, Varna, Bulgaria


3 Sabanskiy Lane, Office 13n
65014, Odessa, Ukraine


EMA Marine GmbH

Hohe Bleichen 11,
20354, Hamburg, Germany


Pasat d.o.o.

Petravićeva 31,
21000, Split, Croatia

Notice of processing of personal data

Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc. declares that personal data included in the Curriculum Vitae sent by candidates, constitute items of processing pursuant to the provisions of the Greek law 2472/1997 as in force, referring to the “processing of personal data” with exclusive purpose of this processing the evaluation of candidates’ skills and qualifications for any vacancy within the company for which they may potentially be evaluated as suitable.

Employees of the company who are responsible for the processing and/or other external partners of the company who are authorized by the company to perform this task, i.e. the task of collecting, selecting and evaluating submitted Curriculum Vitae notes, are the exclusive recipients of the above-mentioned personal data. By sending her/his Curriculum Vitae, the candidate declares explicitly that she/he agrees with and approves the above-mentioned processing of her/his personal data for the purpose described above.

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