Pursuing technical and operational energy performance enhancements to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Energy Management

The Thenamaris energy performance team monitors and proactively manages the energy and environmental aspects of our business, including compliance with applicable energy and environmental regulations.

The team develops and maintains analytical tools based on operational data and performance baselines derived from physical principles, maker data, model tests and sea trials.

The energy performance team uses data from the vessel’s operations along with their knowledge and expertise to assist the management companies in developing energy policies and operating procedures that help ensure the managed fleets are operating at maximum energy efficiency, thus minimizing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The team coordinates and cooperates with other teams within the company, including the chartering teams to maintain the vessel’s fuel consumption descriptions as well as the operations and technical teams to help ensure all possible technical and operational energy performance enhancements are implemented to achieve optimal efficiency.

To remain up to date with the latest technical developments and innovations, the energy performance team also maintains contacts and cooperates with the major classification societies, universities and research institutes.

Other Services
  • Commercial

    Efficient and comprehensive commercial services, with offices in Athens and Singapore.

  • Marine Personnel

    Recruiting and developing talented seafarers.

  • Newbuildings

    Highly-skilled specialist teams for newbuildings projects.

  • Operations

    Ensuring safe and timely delivery of our clients’ cargoes.

  • Safety & Quality

    Rigorous, sophisticated safety and quality services.

  • Sale & Purchase

    Global sale and purchase expertise.

  • Technical

    Technical excellence is at the heart of Thenamaris.