Thenamaris offers world class services to coordinate the vessel newbuilding process.


In order for the construction of new vessels to be undertaken, Thenamaris collaborates with top quality globally recognized shipyards. These include the Hyundai Heavy Industries group of yards (HHI/HSHI/HMD) in Korea, Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding in Vietnam, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co Ltd. and Jiangsu New Yangzi in China.

For every newbuilding project we supply a highly-skilled on-the-ground newbuilding site team at the shipyard where the vessel is being constructed. These teams are supported by a dedicated newbuildings team at our Athens headquarters who liaise with the shipyards to ensure all contractual agreements regarding the design and specifications of the vessel, and the construction timetable, are met.

Other Services
  • Commercial

    Efficient and comprehensive commercial services, with offices in Athens and Singapore.

  • Energy Management

    Enhancing the energy and environmental performance of our managed fleets.

  • Marine Personnel

    Recruiting and developing talented seafarers.

  • Operations

    Ensuring safe and timely delivery of our clients’ cargoes.

  • Safety & Quality

    Rigorous, sophisticated safety and quality services.

  • Sale & Purchase

    Global sale and purchase expertise.

  • Technical

    Technical excellence is at the heart of Thenamaris.