Leading the way in environmental practices

Protecting the environment is fundamental for Thenamaris, and the company has worked uncompromisingly over many years to achieve world-class environmental credentials. Thenamaris strives to be a frontrunner in setting very high standards for the industry and puts in place daily practices to safeguard the environment.

These include:

  • Maintaining hull, machinery and equipment to the highest standards
  • Using environmentally-friendly methods for clean ballast water exchange management
  • Carefully controlling the disposal of waste and used items
  • Consuming high quality fuels for minimizing emissions
  • Avoiding ozone-depleting substances, such as toxic refrigerants.

CO2 emissions (tons per vessel day)

Achieving the highest safety and environmental standards

Thenamaris was accredited in 1999 with ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, and was one of the first shipping companies to seamlessly implement Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems (SQEMS). The company has also obtained accreditation for ISO 50001. Such advanced environmental credentials are evidence that Thenamaris is fully committed to being a top quality operator.

As part of our focus on protecting the environment and minimizing pollution, we have proactively sought assessment by organizations that manage some of the industry’s leading environmental programs. Thenamaris is proud to have Green Award certification, a mark of the highest safety and environmental standards in shipping. It was also the first European ship management company to comply with the Voluntary Best Achievable Protection (VBAP) standards, and subsequently with the even stricter Exceptional Compliance Program (ECOPRO) standards. Both are part of Washington State’s (U.S.) voluntary compliance program which aims to control and mitigate the risks of marine pollution in the State’s waters.

Number of environmental events

Quantity spilled (ltrs) in environmental events