Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is embedded in every aspect of our business.

Our human resources practice focuses on the fair and just treatment of our employees and crew, providing everyone with equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement. We offer a healthy and safe working environment on board our managed vessels and ashore. From the rigorous way we implement safety policies to the quality of the food served on board and at our head office, everything is tuned toward the well-being of the company’s personnel and crew. We constantly monitor Key Performance Indicators on employee work conditions, such as Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) at sea, and take relevant actions promptly whenever necessary.

Thriving relationships with local businesses and communities

We strive to respect local communities and contribute to their development in every area where we operate. We fully comply with – and often exceed – local regulations on Health, Safety, Security, Quality, Energy and Environmental Protection. A notable example is Thenamaris’ compliance with the Exceptional Compliance Program (ECOPRO) in Washington State (U.S.), a voluntary program that aims to control and mitigate marine pollution risks in the State’s territorial waters.

Thenamaris works closely with thousands of local businesses, such as suppliers and port agents, applying strict principles related to transparency and an ethical way of working. Our focus on creating long-term win-win relationships helps our business partners grow with Thenamaris.

Advancing societal well-being through dedicated corporate social responsibility initiatives

Thenamaris, is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and prioritizes its support areas based on society’s needs. These support areas include Culture, Education, the Environment, Health, and Social Welfare. Throughout the years, Thenamaris has contributed to numerous organizations and causes. In 2022, the company focused its CSR activities and associated grants on Health, Social Welfare, and the Environment.


Since 2016, Thenamaris has been a Grand Benefactor of SYN-ENOSIS, the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company. SYN-ENOSIS aims to undertake nationwide initiatives to support vulnerable social groups affected by adverse economic conditions in Greece. The company’s efforts encompass health, social care, maritime education, and social projects of public interest. Notable projects supported by SYN-ENOSIS include infrastructure and equipment upgrades for Merchant Marine Academies, funding for welfare centers protecting vulnerable groups, and donations of specialized equipment to public bodies like the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Fire Brigade, and technological equipment for public schools nationwide.

The grant for 2022 to SYN-ENOSIS specifically focused on Social Welfare and Health. Social Welfare beneficiaries were reached through organizations in various prefectures throughout Greece, while Health initiatives included renovation and construction works in public hospitals.


Desmos is another strategic CSR partner for Thenamaris, with whom we have collaborated since 2015. This partnership involves employee participation in various drives and donations, beyond financial resources, to fulfil the needs of different organizations. In 2022, a substantial donation was made to Desmos to provide food supplies and other necessities to non-profit organizations across Greece, particularly in impoverished areas like Epirus. Additionally, four successful donation drives were organized during the year, enabling employees to collect and donate essential items such as food, Christmas gifts, and school supplies for vulnerable groups.

Mercy Ships Cargo Day

Every year, Thenamaris supports Mercy Ships, a non-profit organization operating the world’s largest hospital ship. Mercy Ships provides free healthcare, community health education, mental health programs, and palliative care to terminally ill patients in some of the world’s poorest countries. Thenamaris participates in the annual Mercy Ships Cargo Day, a global fundraising initiative within the shipping and trading community to support their humanitarian work.


Thenamaris also contributes to Shedia by empowering vulnerable groups through an upcycling program. The Shedia Art program utilizes leftover paper to create various items such as home decorations, furniture, lamps, and jewellery, which are sold for profit. The program aims to create opportunities for education, training, and employment for homeless individuals and those living below the poverty line.


As part of our commitment to environmental protection, Thenamaris supports iSea, a Greek environmental non-profit organization dedicated to preserving aquatic environments. In August 2022, iSea launched the ‘EVMAR’ project, funded by Thenamaris. EVMAR, which stands for ‘Evaluating Marine Litter in Greece,’ focuses on assessing the marine litter problem in Greece through data collected during clean-up and monitoring activities. The project aims to develop a proposal for future actions to prevent and mitigate marine litter pollution. For more information about the EVMAR project, please visit this link.

Finally, Thenamaris demonstrates responsiveness during emergencies such as catastrophic fires, floods resulting from extreme weather conditions, or earthquakes. The company extends support to individuals and families affected by these unfortunate events.

Through its dedication to CSR, Thenamaris actively contributes to various areas of societal need, fostering positive social impact, environmental sustainability, and support for vulnerable groups.