Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is embedded in every aspect of our business

Our human resources practice focuses on the fair and just treatment of our employees and crew, providing everyone with equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement. On board our managed vessels or ashore we offer a healthy and safe working environment. From the rigorous way we implement safety policies to the quality of the food served on board and at our head office, everything is tuned towards the well-being of the company’s personnel and crew. We constantly monitor Key Performance Indicators on employee work conditions, such as Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) at sea, and our Executive Safety Committee takes relevant actions promptly whenever necessary.

Thriving relationships with local businesses and communities

In every area where we operate, we strive to respect local communities and contribute to their development. We fully comply with – and often exceed – local regulations on Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection. A notable example is Thenamaris’ compliance with the Exceptional Compliance Program (ECOPRO) in Washington State (U.S.), a voluntary program that aims to control and mitigate risks of marine pollution in the State’s waters.

Thenamaris works closely with thousands of local businesses, such as suppliers and port agents, applying strict principles related to transparency and an ethical way of working. Our focus on creating long-term win-win relationships helps local partners grow hand-in-hand with Thenamaris.

Focus on society

Thenamaris supports a variety of organizations that help vulnerable social groups. During 2015 – 2021 Thenamaris has contributed towards the following causes and non-profit, non-governmental organizations:


SYN-ENOSIS is the Greek Shipowners’ Social Welfare Company aiming to undertake systematic and organized initiatives nationwide in support of vulnerable social groups affected by the adverse economic conditions in Greece. These activities focus on areas such as, health, social care, maritime education and social projects of public interest. Thenamaris has been a Grand Benefactor of SYN-ENOSIS since 2016. Key projects supported by SYN-ENOSIS include the upgrade of infrastructure and equipment of the Merchant Marine Academies all over Greece, the funding of welfare centers that protect vulnerable social groups located throughout the country, as well as the donation of special equipment to public bodies such as vehicles for the Hellenic Coast Guard, tires for the Fire Brigade vehicles of Chios island, and technological equipment for public schools nationwide.

Following the catastrophic fires in 2018 that struck Western and Eastern Attica, Thenamaris donated €500,000 to SYN-ENOSIS to support the people and families of the affected areas.

Thenamaris also donated €300,000 to the fundraising campaign of SYN-ENOSIS to support the Greek national health system with medical equipment and supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, together with SYN-ENOSIS, Thenamaris provided a ‘Rafnar 1100 Cabin Bulletproof’ high-speed patrol vessel for the operational needs of the Hellenic Coast Guard.

Ministry of Education

Thenamaris donated 1,750 electronic tablets to the Ministry of Education to facilitate their efforts to make online learning accessible to more students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tablets were delivered to almost 400 schools throughout mainland Greece and the islands.

Mercy Ships Cargo Day

Mercy Ships is a non-profit organization operating the world’s largest hospital ship providing humanitarian aid such as free health care, community health education, mental health programs, and palliative care for terminally ill patients in some of the poorest countries in the world. Thenamaris participates in the annual Mercy Ships Cargo Day, a global shipping and trading community fund-raising venture to support their work.

Emfasis Foundation

Emfasis Foundation is a non-profit organization working closely with professionals, social work experts, and volunteers to provide humanitarian response, such as food, clothing and personal hygiene items, to vulnerable and socially excluded individuals living on the streets or threatened by impending homelessness. The Emfasis team also provides psychological support to these individuals with the aim of ultimately helping them integrate back into society. A distinct program was created by the Emfasis Foundation in cooperation with Thenamaris, “Thenamaris and Emfasis – We don’t pass by…We support”, focusing on supporting the neighborhoods of Athens with a longstanding seafaring history and tradition. The funding of a Mobile Support Unit to undertake this work included the purchase of a van, survival kits, food packs, and personal hygiene kits for individuals living on the street and also covered the associated expense of three social workers focused on the specific targeted neighborhoods.

Friends of the Child

Friends of the Child is a charity association that aims to offer protection and care for ill or abused children as well as those living below the poverty line. The association aims to help ensure children in at risk categories in Greece will have food, medicine and education, and will not be separated from their natural family for financial reasons. Thenamaris supported Friends of the Child with their monthly distribution of fresh food products, such as milk, fruit, vegetables, and meat, to sixty children aged from 6 to 12 years old.

KETHEA Ariadni

KETHEA, which stands for “Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals” in Greek, is a rehabilitation and social reintegration network, providing its services to individuals suffering from various kinds of addictions. The KETHEA Ariadni facility in Heraklion, Crete provided the first therapeutic program for drug users and their families on the island of Crete. Amongst the various types of support offered, the Ariadni facility includes a hostel to accommodate individuals travelling from distant parts of Crete. Thenamaris supported the renovation and maintenance of the hostel, including electrical and plumbing works, painting, the provision of heating and cooling units, the replacement of mattresses, and the planting of the garden.

Médecins du Monde – Greek Delegation

Médecins du Monde – Greek Delegation is a medical non-profit organization that intervenes at the forefront of the refugee crisis by providing healthcare services and psychosocial support to refugees arriving in Greece. Thenamaris covered the operating cost of an Emergency Medical Team for the duration of one month in the port of Piraeus that provided primary healthcare and pharmaceutical support seven days a week. The team, consisting of doctors, nurses and interpreters (Farsi/Arabic), provided healthcare diagnosis and medical treatment to refugees, including vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, minors, elderly, disabled, single parent families, victims or torture and trafficking.

Mission Anthropos

Mission “Anthropos” (the Greek word for “mankind”) is an organization committed to offering free treatment and medical support worldwide. In 2013, the organization developed the program “We Support: Medical and Pharmaceutical care for all” aiming to provide medical care and pharmaceuticals for the uninsured and other vulnerable groups in Greece with limited access to free medical care. Thenamaris covers a variety of requests, ranging from medical examinations to surgeries to pharmaceuticals.