Safety and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.

Safety & Quality

Dedicated teams of experienced, qualified marine superintendents oversee the managed vessels to ensure they comply with all national and international policies and regulations related to Health, Safety, Security, Quality, Energy and Environmental (HSSQEE) protection. Additionally, each of our management companies has established advanced and sophisticated Safety, Quality, and Environmental Management Systems (SQEMS) which are implemented by the vessels under management.

Key Performance Indicators of HSSQEE are constantly measured and tracked to foster continuous improvement and help minimize risk. HSSQEE management review meetings are held on a quarterly basis to proactively address specific HSSQEE matters and identify corrective actions to be implemented wherever necessary.

The safety and quality services we provide to the vessels under management also include the coordination of vetting inspections by our clients. Areas for improvement identified during these vetting inspections are investigated and followed up promptly and rigorously.

Other Services
  • Commercial

    Efficient and comprehensive commercial services, with offices in Athens and Singapore.

  • Energy Management

    Enhancing the energy and environmental performance of our managed fleets.

  • Marine Personnel

    Recruiting and developing talented seafarers.

  • Newbuildings

    Highly-skilled specialist teams for newbuildings projects.

  • Operations

    Ensuring safe and timely delivery of our clients’ cargoes.

  • Sale & Purchase

    Global sale and purchase expertise.

  • Technical

    Technical excellence is at the heart of Thenamaris.