We aspire to be the model ship management company


Thenamaris delivers energy and goods to people around the world, enriching their lives. We do this by safely managing a world class fleet of ships, providing the highest levels of service to our principals and clients.

Our extensive experience coupled with our rigorous approach enables streamlined operations, in which both our people and our hardware are highly tuned to client needs. Through our technical, operational and commercial excellence, we can always be relied upon to deliver. Quite simply, we are always there when people need us.

Our Vision: to be the model ship management company

We want to establish the very highest standards for products and service in the industry. We continuously strive to undertake our business activities with absolutely no accidents, no harm to people, and no harm to the environment.

vessels under management
shore-based employees



We promise to work hard to understand the needs and priorities of all our clients. We will then pull out all the stops to deliver what they need, when they need it, safely and efficiently. We are committed to developing enduring relationships.


We promise to acknowledge the importance of the human element, to be fair employers, to provide all employees with the best tools available to do their jobs well, to ensure they are safe and to inspire them in their bid to constantly improve what they do. We will provide them with a clear view of where the company is heading and aim to create a genuine sense of belonging, whether they work on board or onshore. We will encourage teamwork, create stimulating work environments, recognize achievements and celebrate success.


We promise to manage our principals’ ships with maximum regard for safety, technical and operational efficiency, in order to bring commercial success.

Business Partners

We promise to work closely and fairly with all our partners to ensure we can deliver the highest quality, integrated ship management services.

Society & Environment

We promise to show respect to the communities around the world in which we operate. We undertake our business in a manner that seeks to achieve optimum safety, efficiency, energy and environmental performance. We strive for zero incidents, zero accidents and zero spills. We will work to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of our business.

Regulators & Governments

We promise that we will work tirelessly to ensure optimum compliance with the standards that are set to guide excellence in our industry, and will deliver beyond these standards wherever we can.





We are open and honest, with high ethical standards and respect for everyone we work with.
We are hard-working, reliable and down-to-earth. We work in a sophisticated, analytical, balanced way, and have an unrelenting focus on performance.
We are eager, dynamic and passionate about what we do, highly driven, and focused on achieving the very best we can for everyone we work with and for.
Ambitious, inventive and progressive, we enjoy working collaboratively and are constantly on the look-out for incremental improvements and the next new development.


Targeting balanced and profitable long-term growth

Thenamaris’ strategic objective is to achieve balanced and profitable long-term growth for itself and its principals. To accomplish this target, the company’s strategic plan is focused on undertaking a number of key initiatives over the next years that will allow us to outperform our competitors around the world irrespective of market conditions.

We aim to add value to our principals through effective fleet management solutions, from technical management and crewing to chartering and voyage execution, with an unrelenting focus on operational excellence. We leverage analytics to make better business decisions, and rigorously apply this approach across the company. We are committed to pursuing innovative technology to drive commercial benefits and excel in global ship management.

Managing risk and focusing on results

Our commercial strategy employs a combination of spot and time charters to capture upside opportunities and mitigate downside risks. While spot market returns are less stable, such charters enable owners of ocean-going vessel to realize the benefits of important cost-saving initiatives, particularly in the area of energy management.

We are keen to build long-term relationships with our charterers. We see them as partners and take on their challenges as our own, as we aspire to provide them with consistently excellent and reliable ship management services.

Our operational and commercial strategies are complemented by thorough risk management and performance management initiatives, enabling us to continuously monitor and control the associated risks and results of the efforts we undertake to achieve our strategic objectives.

A proactive approach to safety and ongoing investment in people

Safety and quality are fundamental to everything we do. Our efforts ensure that we not only meet all compliance standards, but also exceed them in many instances. And whilst shipping is an energy-efficient means of transport, we work proactively to help ensure the sustainability of the business by reducing its impact on the environment.

Shipping is a people business. Therefore, we continuously invest in the development and growth of all our employees, as we recognize that their contribution is fundamental to the successful implementation of our strategy.