Thenamaris Safety Starts with ME Program.

Thenamaris Safety Starts with ME Program.

Within the scope of our ongoing corporate strategic objective to enhance the company’s safety performance, in 2014 Thenamaris decided to embark on a Safety Culture Development Program in collaboration with the marine consultancy Green-Jakobsen. This Program was named “Safety Starts with Me” to emphasize the importance of the personal contribution each and every one at Thenamaris has when it comes to safety.

This effort to further enhance our Safety Culture is significant in terms of its scale: the Program has been running since 2014, consists of multiple cross-departmental projects, and involves all shore-based employees and all seafarers in the Thenamaris pool.

The Program’s goal is to provide every individual with an understanding of the company’s safety standards and safety aspiration, as well as with the necessary direction, training and tools to achieve these. Specifically, the Program focuses on the following areas:

  • Communication and awareness: Continuously communicating safety focus points, progress and good safety practices ensures a high level of awareness on safety matters.
  • Learning and development: Safety skills are best taught at the workplace. New means of learning during peer-to-peer trainings engage managers, officers, shore employees and seafarers.
  • Performance management: Safety performance management supports the development of individual performance through assessment and guidance towards a set standard.
  • Measurement and monitoring: Monitoring the general level of safety competence, observed safety performance, employee engagement, and overall level of behavioral change provides information about the organizational capability to nurture safe work practices.

In addition to our focus on these four fundamental areas, each year, as part of our Annual Planning process, we carefully assess and consider the impact of our efforts to enhance our Safety Culture, and identify and prioritize new safety initiatives to be undertaken as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in terms of our Safety Culture as well as our safety and quality performance.

To achieve and maintain a world-class Safety Culture, it is critical that each and every one at Thenamaris contributes through behaviors and actions in our daily work. The Safety Starts with Me Program aspires to strengthen our everyday safety behaviors and mind-set, and thus achieve a higher level of safety maturity.