More than 3,700 seafarers are employed on the vessels managed by Thenamaris

Marine Personnel

More than 3,700 seafarers are employed on the vessels managed by Thenamaris, and at any given time over 2,000 seamen are sailing on the managed vessels. The three main nationalities of the seafarers are Greek, Bulgarian and Filipino. A number of seafarers of Eastern European nationality have also been complementing the pool on board our Thenamaris LNG managed vessels.

We pride ourselves on achieving an officer retention rate of more than 90% at a fleet level. This notable level of retention is a result of the successful recruitment, training, appointment and scheduling of qualified and capable seamen.

Our marine personnel team and the crewing agencies with which we cooperate are constantly on the look-out for talented seafarers to ensure that all vessels under management are adequately manned according to international regulations and charterers’ requirements. Experienced and skilled operators work around the clock to select and appoint suitable seafarers on board, as well as to maintain an adequate pool of seamen on leave.

Managing seafarers

Ongoing training and development of shipboard personnel is a top priority for Thenamaris. Seafarer forums take place every year in our main sourcing locations of Athens, Greece, Manila, Philippines, and Varna, Bulgaria. Onboard training sessions are also held throughout the year in collaboration with our technical and safety and quality teams.

Thenamaris’ seafaring agent in Manila, Thenamaris Philippines, supports the recruitment, scheduling and training of Filipino seafarers, a key pool for Thenamaris. Thenamaris also has a seafaring representative on the ground in Bulgaria, who assists in the marine personnel management of Bulgarian seafarers.