Efficient and comprehensive commercial services, with offices in Athens and Singapore


Thenamaris provides to its principals, the owners of ocean-going vessels, commercial services including chartering, vessel operations and insurance.

The chartering team comprises experienced and highly-skilled in-house brokers based in Athens and Singapore who market the managed vessels, identify and assess employment opportunities, and negotiate and conclude fixtures. Decision-making is supported by leading-edge business intelligence systems. Vessels are chartered to major oil companies and commodity traders around the world, both on the spot market and on long-term charters.

The operations team is responsible for: supporting the officers and crew onboard to execute the voyage safely and efficiently; monitoring and paying port dues; procuring high quality bunkers in an economical manner; and collecting the freight and other revenue pursuant to the charter parties.

The insurance services offered ensure appropriate cover both for Hull & Machinery and for Protection & Indemnity for all vessels under Thenamaris, Thenamaris ConBulk and Thenamaris LNG management. Rigorous market research also takes place to ensure the insurance cover meets the needs of the fleet’s commercial trading patterns.

We have a highly experienced marine personnel team that recruits, coordinates and trains crew. We also coordinate newbuildings projects and offer the services of a team of sale and purchase experts.