One technology challenge, two leaders
in partnership

Maintaining a modern ship is a complex business. It involves monitoring many thousands of parts across the vessel, finding replacements from stock or in ports as necessary, and carrying out maintenance in a timely, cost-effective way that causes the least possible disruption to the crew, the route and the schedule.

To manage these tasks more efficiently, Thenamaris decided to adopt an advanced Computerized Maintenance and Procurement Management System (CMPMS). This is an enterprise resource planning system that links the office with the vessel and helps plan, monitor and automatically track all maintenance work as well as the procurement of supplies and spares.

Working with the very best

When it came to choosing a system, the Asset Management Operating System (AMOS) software by SpecTec stood out.

“Thenamaris aims to work with the best companies in every field, and SpecTec is easily the market leader in maritime management software,” says Kostantinos Petrocheilos, Purchasing Manager for Thenamaris.

SpecTec has offices in 24 countries worldwide, employs 270 people, and has been in business for 28 years. Thanks to its extensive experience and geographical coverage, it is able to offer specialist expertise at a local level.

An impressively thorough assessment

Thenamaris sent a Request for Information (RFI) to SpecTec in mid-2008. “It was the largest and most detailed RFI I’d ever seen!” says Marin Sobin, Managing Director of SpecTec. “I was very impressed.”

The follow up was equally diligent and systematic. From ten contenders, Thenamaris shortlisted SpecTec and two other potential providers and then invited bid representatives to a two day workshop to go through the proposal in more detail. Once Thenamaris had established that the AMOS system could meet all its CMPMS-related needs, it signed a contract with SpecTec.

Collaboration was key

The project kicked off in May 2010. SpecTec Cyprus managed the process and assembled a taskforce which included some of its best business analysts, developers and engineers. These experts were based in a special ‘site office’ within Thenamaris’ office in Athens so they could provide on-the-spot continuous support. The project drew on the skills of a wide variety of different nationalities, involving people from Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, the UAE, Romania and Australia who had experience of developing such systems across a variety of shipping-related projects.

Success depended on close co-operation between SpecTec and a broad cross-section of departments at Thenamaris, including Purchasing, Safety & Quality, IT, Technical, Marine Personnel and Accounting.

Jointly solving a database issue

“The Thenamaris team is a lot more hands-on than other customers,” Marin remarks. “Other companies take SpecTec standards for granted, while Thenamaris challenged us and, through this process, we were able to improve our offer to them. Thenamaris knows exactly what it wants.”

Before signing the contract, Thenamaris had predicted that the standard SpecTec database would not fully match its needs. “On the Procurement side, Thenamaris needed a completely different database to our standard package,” explains Marin. “For example, they needed a Quotation Analysis Table to help them analyze and compare quotations from different suppliers.”

An exceptional working relationship

Thenamaris worked with SpecTec to jointly develop and enhance the standard AMOS software package.

“No client has provided as much support to us as Thenamaris,” says Marin. “We have an exceptionally strong working relationship. The project was led by the Purchasing team, while a team of superintendent engineers made a great contribution to the database. Meanwhile, the company’s IT department flawlessly co-ordinated the hardware and software tasks.”

Two years of trials on two vessels

“We started by trialling the database on two pilot vessels,” says Marin. “We had to fine-tune the database three times on the first vessel, the MT Matilda, and twice on the second vessel, the MT Seapromise. It took two years in all to build those two databases to the level of detail and standard that Thenamaris demanded.”

Once the databases were running successfully on the pilot vessels, the database was standardized and could be installed on subsequent vessels.

The Thenamaris project has had unexpected side benefits. “We’ve incorporated part of Thenamaris’ database approach into our standard AMOS software,” says Marin. “Throughout the shipping industry, SpecTec customers are benefitting from the new CMPMS functionality that Thenamaris helped develop.”

Safer, more efficient ship management

The new AMOS CMPMS system is now up and running on the vessels managed by Thenamaris. The users currently signed in to the system are able to share a vast array of data from across these vessels. Thenamaris is now able to compare and analyze a huge bank of maintenance and procurement data, and leverage it to make better management decisions. The procurement cycle can be managed more quickly and accurately, reducing the risk of incorrect deliveries.

The new system provides a maintenance regime that enables Thenamaris to manage and operate its ships more efficiently and profitably. It also improves safety at sea and reduces the risk of environmental hazards as the vessels are so proactively well maintained.

Thenamaris – in a league of its own

Marin Sobin was very impressed by the way that Thenamaris managed the whole process, from the tender through to installation. “I’ve worked with SpecTec for 15 years and have collaborated with many ship management companies, some of which are two or three times the size of Thenamaris,” he says. “But I’ve never seen a company with such a professional, diligent and systematic approach. Thenamaris is in a league of its own.”