Navigating the future with our global partners

“Thenamaris is committed to developing long-standing partnerships and win-win relationships with its suppliers,” says Purchasing Manager Konstantinos Petrocheilos.

“We’re always on the look-out for suppliers who are equally committed to exploring new technologies and doing business ethically. We have very high standards that we need our partners to fulfill, but once we have established a good working relationship, we stay with them for many years.”

Thenamaris adopts pioneering technology

A notable example is the Japanese company Furuno, one of the major makers worldwide in Navigations and Communications electronics manufacturing for merchant ships.

“In 1998, Thenamaris was the first company to install one of Furuno’s deep-sea products on its vessels,” says Yannis Papaefthymiou, Managing Director of Furuno Hellas SA, the company’s Greek subsidiary. This was the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Radio Console, a radio-based communication service which co-ordinates search and rescue in case of emergencies at sea.

“Thenamaris had an extremely diligent and well-organized selection process,” says Yannis. “They were our first big customer in Greece. As Thenamaris is a leading ship management company, this was a ‘flagship’ agreement for us.”

Furuno Hellas was established in 2009 to complement the sale of Furuno products with strong after-sales support in the critically important Greek market. Thenamaris values this local presence a great deal, and purchases all types of radio-navigation equipment for the vessel bridge of newbuildings from Furuno, including the Voyage Data Recorder.

A partnership based on trust and respect

Nobuhiro Ueda, Area Sales Manager of Furuno’s Merchant Marine Marketing Department, describes his impressions of Thenamaris when he was first introduced to the company in 2005. “Thenamaris were fair, clear and considerate,” he says. “They made suggestions about how to improve our products and service, and offered insights into the marketplace. This is not an approach we had experienced with many other shipping companies.”

Nobuhiro respects Thenamaris’ commitment to new technology and forward planning. “Thenamaris stands out as they make quick decisions and are ahead of the game,” he says. “They are eager to adopt new technologies; other companies follow them. They are also good at planning ahead.”

A case in point was Thenamaris’ decision to install a third radar system on every vessel, although international standards only require two. “Thenamaris was the first company that I’m aware of to implement a policy of having three radars on board,” says Nobuhiro. As all Thenamaris newbuildings are fitted with three radar systems, the company asked Furuno to retrofit the other vessels under its management with additional radar. “This investment proves Thenamaris’ commitment to exceeding safety regulations.”

A shared passion for innovation

“We now consider Thenamaris as one of our ‘elite’ global customers, because it continuously invests in newbuildings,” says Captain Spyros Dovelos, Business Development Manager of Furuno Hellas SA. “Thenamaris is a pioneer in technology, a philosophy that Furuno also embraces.”

“Thenamaris people are extremely knowledgeable about technical equipment. We don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining the functionality and details of the products and the relevant operations.”

Speaking for Thenamaris, Konstantinos adds: “We have a great deal of respect for Furuno and highly value our partnership. They offer us advanced, reliable, branded products and an extensive worldwide network that provides strong global customer service.”

As for the future, both Thenamaris and Furuno hope that their fruitful partnership will continue. “We have developed a shared history and tradition over the years that makes this relationship unique,” says Yannis. “Thenamaris is a partner, not a client.”

Renowned marine provisions partner in Rotterdam

Klevenberg Shipping Center in Rotterdam is another long-term partner of Thenamaris. “We’re friends with Thenamaris,” says Sales Manager Rene van Splunter, “and we’ve built this relationship over many decades. We usually provide quotes within 24 hours and once an order is approved, our team makes sure that all logistics are carried out without hassle. The Thenamaris purchasing team trusts us to deliver.”

Klevenberg is the largest ship chandler in Rotterdam, and is well known as one of Europe’s largest suppliers of ship provisions, including fresh, frozen and dry food, deck stores and spare parts. The company services Thenamaris vessels in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain and elsewhere. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and is globally significant thanks to its strategic position.

Thenamaris: one of the best

According to Erik Kroken, Director of Klevenberg Shipping Center, Thenamaris is “outstanding – one of the best in Greece”. He says: “You really see a difference in the way they work. Thenamaris people keep their word. They’re also very thorough. Even if there’s only a one cent discrepancy in an invoice, their checking department will spot it!”

According to Erik, the Thenamaris name acts as a good reference when they pitch for new business, especially in Greece. “When we say to other Greek shipping companies that we work with Thenamaris, it opens doors for us. Thenamaris also easily competes with non-Greek shipping companies.”

A socially responsible company, employing good people

Rene says that the typical Thenamaris employee is knowledgeable, well-organized, and proud to work for Thenamaris. Employees feel part of the Thenamaris ‘family’, and hardly anyone leaves the company before they retire. “Thenamaris is socially responsible and takes good care of its people,” says Erik. “It’s a solid company, a safe bet. The secret of success for any company lies in its people, and the fact that we find Thenamaris’ people are all aligned towards the same goals shows that the top management has a solid philosophy and grounding.”

Venturing towards new horizons

Thenamaris is dedicated to driving incremental improvements wherever and whenever possible, and to achieving the very best results by co-operating with partners who share its values of hard work, integrity and efficiency. “In this fast-moving business, the right partners help us stay several steps ahead,” says Konstantinos. “With dedicated people on our team, both inside and outside the company, we can move towards the future with confidence.”