Mission, Vision

Vision and mission

Our Mission: delivering goods around the world

Thenamaris helps deliver goods to people around the world, enriching their lives. We do this by safely managing a world class fleet of ships, providing the highest levels of service to our principals and clients.

We offer a unique mix of experience and fresh energy – and combine these two elements to form a streamlined operation in which both our people and hardware are highly tuned to client needs. Through our technical, operational and commercial excellence, we can always be relied upon to deliver. Quite simply, we are always there when people need us.

Our Vision: to be the model ship management company

We want to establish the very highest standards for products and service, and strive for perfection in both.

We continuously strive to undertake our business activities with absolutely no accidents, no harm to people, and no harm to the environment.

Our Promises


We promise to work hard to understand the needs and priorities of all our clients. We will then pull out all the stops to deliver what they need, when they need it, safely and efficiently. We are committed to developing enduring relationships.


We promise to be fair employers, to provide all employees with the best tools available to do their jobs well, to ensure they are safe and to inspire them in their bid to constantly improve what they do. We will provide them with a clear view of where the company is heading and aim to create a genuine sense of belonging, whether they work onboard or onshore. We will encourage teamwork, create stimulating work environments, recognize achievements and celebrate success.


We promise to manage our principals’ ships with maximum regard for safety, technical and operational efficiency, in order to bring commercial success.

Business partners

We promise to work closely and fairly with all our partners to ensure we can deliver the highest quality, integrated ship management services.

Society and the environment

We promise to provide ships that are built and managed for optimum safety, efficiency and environmental performance. We aim to cover longer distances using less energy – one of the ways in which we will minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We will show respect to communities around the world.

Regulators and governments

We promise that we will work tirelessly to ensure optimum compliance with the standards that are set to guide excellence in our industry, and will deliver beyond these standards wherever we can.